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I am Michael Stafford

Growing up in the Midwest was a privilege, having two great parents was an honor.  Serving my country during Vietnam, when America lost the right to draft its children, was a responsibility all Americans need to take seriously. Being in possession of an MBA led me into banking and business.  The former a good fit, the latter an exercise in trial and tribulation.  Life revealed to me the people who populate our world.  These inhabitants wear many different hats and possess a wide range of abilities.

From these highs and lows came the stories which I am now publishing.  All of my books have references to my experiences and social connections. 

These books challenge conventional thinking but are grounded in reality.  You can read the beginning of each book below.

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the kings of little egypt

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Come meet the Kings and glimpse their world during Prohibition, the Great Depression, the Roaring Twenties, and WWI.

One hundred years ago the melting pot that is America brought three brothers from their farm in Fairfield, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri where they would begin a career in crime unmatched in Illinois history. The Shelton Brothers, Carl, Earl, and Bernie would go on to rule southern Illinois in the ’20s, ‘30s, and ’40s. Along the way, they crossed paths with Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Charlie Burger, Blackie Harris, Art Newman, Connie Ritter, Buster Wortman, and no small assortment of slightly lesser lights. They were so powerful in their control of gambling and bootlegging that Al Capone and his minions made a peace pact with the Shelton Brothers to not venture south of Peoria. It was a grudging sign of respect for the power of the Sheltons.

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The Hanging of Charlie Burger Ep. 1

The Cotton King Cover

The Cotton King

Southern Illinois. 2021. Lincoln Kohler, Army Ranger Captain and member of the 2/506th, better known as The Band of Brothers, has returned from Afghanistan, resigned his commission, and joined the FBI. 

Three years into his new career he is promoted to agent-in-charge of the FBI’s Springfield, Illinois field office. When a fisherman in extreme southern Illinois catches a femur in The Black Bottom Slough, it soon becomes evident that one or more serial killers have been using the fetid swamp for a burial ground. 

As the investigation progresses, Lincoln comes to grips with Lyla Flay, Winkley Barren, Christacake, and The Queen.

The Cotton King Cover

oblivion's Reach

Before the Earth’s last days,

Before there would be a population left behind,

The battle for those that were chosen,

Those that would go,

Raged between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Sworn to defend when asked,

God’s own Angelic Warriors battled Satan’s Demonic Fallen Angels,

Assisted by men and women of faith who became a living testament,

To the power of prayer.

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Loretta Broomfield

I highly recommend Oblivion’s Reach. While I do read and enjoy this genre, I don’t read it exclusively. This book appealed to me because it reminded me of the Left Behind series that I read and loved in the late 90s. As suspected, this book is similar to Left Behind. Part science fiction, part inspirational, part romance with a lot of action and excellent character development.

I believe both believers and nonbelievers will find this book appealing. I appreciate that it has a Christian story line without a completely religious feel. The story contains elements of real life: Love, lust, murder, sin, evil, grief, loyalty, friendship, greed, doubt, and so much more. I think the gospel message is clearly embedded within the plot without being an overpowering theme that might be a turn off to nonbelievers.

One of my favorite elements of the story was near the end when prayer became such a major focus. The prayer group was praying and they called on so many others to pray. When “the good guys” said they were not able to appear until and unless someone asked for help. That’s a very powerful message!

As I read, found myself wondering about the author. Some parts contained so much detail that I wondered if he was ever in the military or had any type of law enforcement experience. The story contains specific information about firearms and ammo and surveillance that it almost seems the author must have that kind of a background or did very thorough research on the topic.

This is a really good story of good vs. evil!

David McArdle

This book gave me a whole new perspective on the power of angels in our daily lives. Just because we don't see them doesn't mean that they are not there. 

The bible includes many promises of God's Spirit intervening in our lives and Michael and Don do an amazing job of crafting a story that plays this out in an "end times" scenario.

This book will inspire you and open your eyes to the power of both Heaven and Hell that battle for the souls of mankind on a daily basis.


"Oblivion's Reach" will make you reflect on your life's journey and what possible divine interventions you might have witnessed. 

This is a saga of a man who has little time to discuss or know his true religious beliefs but as life happens, he ultimately realizes after he is protected by Angelic Warriors. 

This story sets the stage for the final earthly battle between good and evil. The characters is this tale react, not knowing how much of an impact they could make in such a battle of supernatural powers. 

They do not shy away from their responsibility of trying their best to save life on earth as they rely on any resource available including strengths of each other and even the power of prayer. 

A must read for all!

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Between the walls of time

Imagine if we had a political system that worked?

A system that encouraged the best qualified to run our country.

One man has a vision to create a system based on reason, logic, and science.

As a Vietnam veteran and a philosophy professor, Cyrus Kohler creates what could become the 3rd major political party in America.

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