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I am Michael Stafford

Author, Entrepreneur, Father

Having grown up in the Midwest, serving my country in Vietnam, and working as a banker and entrepreneur in the private sector, I have been around.  I have seen all of the highs and lows life has to offer and I have found my passion writing stories about these experiences.  If you are looking for a great book, allow me to send you a few chapters of my latest project!


oblivions Reach

Before the Earth’s last days,

Before there would be a population left behind,

The battle for those that were chosen,

Those that would go,

Raged between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Sworn to defend when asked,

God’s own Angelic Warriors battled Satan’s Demonic Fallen Angels,

Assisted by men and women of faith who became a living testament,

To the power of prayer.

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    Between the walls of time

    Imagine if we had a political system that worked?

    A system that encouraged the best qualified to run our country.

    One man has a vision to create a system based on reason, logic, and science.

    As a Vietnam veteran and a philosophy professor, Cyrus Kohler creates what could become the 3rd major political party in America.

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