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I am michael Stafford

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, my books are centered in that out of the way, rural part of our great country.

As a boy I grew up in Alto Pass, a small-town south of Carbondale, the home of Southern Illinois University.  My family moved to Boaz when I was in the 6th grade. There I met Paul Johnson who readers will meet in my third novel, due out in 2022, entitled The Cotton King.

When my family moved to Metropolis, I met my best friends for life. Sports became our way to college. When Washington University offered me a basketball scholarship, off I went. Later I transferred to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to play baseball and football. In 1969 I earned my MBA degree and went to work for Continental Bank in Chicago. Shortly after that I was drafted into the Vietnam War.

My books recount some of these experiences but most of all reflect my social philosophy which is centered around taking care of the world we live in, and each other. The Age of Violence, Social Congruence, and The Doctrine of Limited Rights make up the heart and soul of 'Between the Walls of Time,’ my call to action for all Americans. ‘Oblivion’s Reach,’ written with Don Gladden, tells the story of God’s Angelic Warriors and Satan’s Demonic Fallen Angels as they battle for those that would be taken in the Rapture. It is a prequel to a series of very successful best-selling books.

If you are looking for books that will force you to examine your own thinking, while being entertained, go to download and read the first four chapters of each book FREE. Follow me on social media and retweet and repost my posts. You can get free books by following me on Goodreads.  I will respond to all inquiries to the best of my ability. Ask questions.

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